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You’re Missing Out by not Hopping on These Social Media Trends


What’s social media without the trends?

From the Mannequin Challenge that had the entire world on standstill — literally; to the Face App Challenge that showed us our future selves, then to the very nostalgic 10 Year Challenge which also resurfaced towards the end of 2019 as the “Decade Challenge”, social media trends are a staple of our digital world.

For a social media influencer like you, trends are a great way to gain visibility and build awareness for your pages. You can leverage the popularity of the hashtags by creating very engaging content. You can also easily reach a wider audience many of whom may never have known about you. This way, you will also be able to increase your followers.

Wondering what current trends are worth hopping on? These three would definitely excite you.


Started by the 70-year old singer Dolly Parton, Social Challenge began as a post on the superstar’s Instagram page with a caption that reads, “Get you a woman who can do it all 😉”. Since the post was published two days ago, many social media users and celebrities have followed suit to create a similar post which has gotten the internet buzzing.

Show the world your personality across your Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Tinder pages and get your online community talking.



#TheFace Challenge

If you’ve ever thought of someone in a not so fascinating way or in a particular light only for you to be thoroughly impressed when you find out the truth about them, then you will easily relate with this trend. 

Here is how it works: you share a picture of your face and a picture of an amazing fact about you. This can be your body, your GPA, or something that is really nice or hilarious using the hashtag. 

This is one very popular trend and hopping on it now will absolutely increase your post engagement, shares and total reach of your posts. 



“#Boomboclat”, has gotten more traction than expected as it is here to stay. More popular on Twitter, the trend is used to drive conversations around a situation, an expected reaction and the actual reaction you had.

Joining this trend will help you drive online conversations on Twitter and increase awareness of your brand as well as your page.


Hopping on these trends will help you gain more visibility, boost your post engagement, increase your page visits and win over new followers across your different social media pages.

So, what trend are you hopping on today? Let us know in the comments below.



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