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You will agree that social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have made the word Influencer quite popular.

If you have a huge following, create great content and get a high number of likes, shares and comments, you can automatically tag yourself an influencer.

Hold up, don’t get it twisted.

It’s one thing to be socially savvy, a good thing to call yourself an influencer, and a big deal to be recognized as a great influencer.

So you might ask: what makes a great influencer?

Here are 5 ways you can distinguish yourself as one.


Build a strong brand affinity

As an influencer, you need to understand that you are a brand and as such you have a reputation.

Developing a strong brand affinity comes from building a strong reputation for you and your clients.

This means you have to be authentic – creating genuine contents from your perspective not just spoon-fed

content from brands- which in return earns you the trust of your audience.

Be passionate about your niche

Being passionate about your niche means going the extra mile to acquire more knowledge.

As the popular saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.”

To grow your passion you need to constantly keep up with trends in your field and in the world of social media.

Don’t just learn, spread knowledge. Talk about what you do with confidence and become the influencer that your audience and brands trust to go the extra mile for them.


Keep your audience engaged

Beyond putting efforts into taking good pictures and crafting witty tweets, ensure that your posts drive audience engagements through active conversations, shares and likes.

Brands don’t just look for good personalities, they look for people who speak to their target audience.


Spend time understanding the market

To be a great influencer you need to think like an entrepreneur. Yes, think business!

Brand yourself and be ambitious to put your name, face and personality out there.

This should also reflect in your work.

Don’t just throw sponsored posts at your audience; be authentic, make it subtle and modified.

This way you show that you really care about your audience and brand, thus increasing your likability.


In addition to this, great influencers understand social media and how it works.

They take note of the best time to post contents to get a high response.

They also understand that visibility is very important;

The more channels you take advantage of, the wider your reach.

To be a great influencer don’t just throw information out there, distinguish yourselves by being authentic, a thought leader, and connecting strongly with their audience.


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