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Top 5 Food Bloggers in Nigeria

Everyone likes food – it is one thing everyone can not do without whether you like it or not; you just have to eat. 

The good thing about the vitality of food is that has opened so many doors for a lot of occupations, and new age creatives. 

From chefs to caterers down to food bloggers, the common ground for all of them is – FOOD.

As a Nigerian, there is so much you can blog about when it comes to food; you could talk about African delicacies or restaurants, or international cuisines, cafés, etc. 

But who are the top dogs in the food blogging industry? what are their names? what do they do? To answer this question, putting all factors into consideration, we have put together a list showcasing the top 5 food bloggers in Nigeria. 

  1. Matse Uwatse – matsecooks

Matse Uwatse

Matse Uwatse is a former on-air Personality, food blogger, and owner of food blog ‘Matse Cooks’. The previous Wazobia FM OAP defines her blog as “a Nigerian and African food blog with some western fusion”.

After receiving multiple praises for her blog, Matse Uwatse went on to start her own spice range called ‘Matse Cooks Spice’.


  1. Adaobi Okonkwo – Dobbyssignature

food blogger

Adaobi Okonkwo popularly referred to as Dobby is the owner of Nigerian Culinary and Lifestyle blog Dobby’s Signature,

She is a Nigerian cook, writer, blogger, culinary enthusiast and is said to have a flair for local cuisines around the world. She is also the author of award-winning cookery book ‘Eat the Week,’ alongside being a contributor to popular magazines like Vogue and Grazia.


  1. Ronke Edoho – 9jafoodie

Food blogger

Ronke Edoho is a Nigerian blogger who is true to her roots and tradition and it shows.

A cook, blogger, nutritionist, and a chartered accountant, Ronke’s blog 9jaFoodie focuses on giving recipes, tips, and tricks needed to cook not only seemingly complicated traditional meals, but also diet dishes for readers who intend to eat within a carbs range.

So whether you’re a ‘las it’s food that would kill me’ type of person or a ‘How to loose 100kg before next week’ type of person, Ronke Edoho and 9jafoodie has you covered.

2.Dunni Obata – Dooney’s Kitchen 

food blogger

Dunni Obata, a cook, IT Project manager and owner of DooneyKitchen lands this spot because she dares to be different.

Nicknamed Dooney by her friends, the food blogger not only dares to give the regular and everyday Nigerian meal a creative twist to it but also takes her time to give a very detailed recipe for readers who would love to recreate her masterpiece.

The self-proclaimed ‘poster child for redefining Nigerian’ food lives true to her words; “redefining Nigerian meals, one dish at a time”.

  1. Nosa Oyegun & Folayemi Augusto – Eat Drink LagosFood blogger

Nosa Oyegun & Folayemi Augusto popularly (and collectively) known as Nosa and Folly land the number 1 spot on this list simply because of the combined effects of their chemistry, humor, writing style and overall entertainment factor.

The writers of EatDrinkLagos go out to restaurants, eat and give feedback in the form of a review. Basically, they are two superheroes with red capes, saving Nigerians from the horrors of bad food and services. 

Honorable Mentions

These bloggers although not on the list have without a doubt made an impact on the Nigerian food blogging scene as a whole, they are:

  1. Atim Ukoh of Afrolems 
  2. Lohi Ogolo – Lohis Creations

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