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The One Thing That Will Get You Tons of Free Traffic

You know what’s mad funny? “God when?” I see it every time on every relationship post; on Twitter, Instagram, and even Youtube comments. There is always that one single (or not)  person asking “God When”. 


But you know what is probably more frustrating than being single? Being in a love triangle.


Have you ever been in a love triangle? You like A but A likes B. 


To most people, such relationships are tedious and quite frankly yield almost no results; but not all of them are so if you ask me. 


The love triangle between consistency, traffic and you is probably the most resourceful relationship you would need as a publisher.




Let me explain:


Every publisher craves (read: needs) traffic. The goal as a publisher is to have an increasing amount of traffic daily. But traffic, you see, needs consistency. 


You must consistently create great content, that is content that is original, relatable, helpful, and relevant to your audience. With poor content, your readers won’t look forward to reading your posts and your traffic decreases.


So what’s the first thing you need to know


Create a Niche and stick to it. Don’t be a Jack of all trades; be a master of one. Dedicate time, say an hour or more every day, to STRICTLY focus on your craft. 


Set aside to create content, research, learn new things about your niche/industry that would help your readers solve their problems. Be the authority in your niche.  


Create a posting schedule. It helps if you create and perfect the act of sticking to a posting/content schedule. Draw up a calendar that details what and when to post. 


Make a list of everything you do when you create content; identify the tasks you’ve observed are time wasters and either cross them out on your schedule.


After you can separate the essential tasks from the non-essentials, allocate sufficient time to each respectively. 


In case, you get spurge of ideas randomly; write it down. As a creative, there are two things you should always have on you — your phone and a small note pad. It helps you to write down ideas as they come so you don’t forget (major tip: Don’t leave out even tiniest details).


Once you have your content ready, it’s easy to turn to your posting schedule and… Post. 


It takes a lot of hard work and time to get traffic, but rest assured, it’s going to take a longer time if you’re not consistent. 


It’s a good day to start a relationship and fall in love, go ahead and hit consistency up and watch traffic swoon at your feet.


What traffic tips have worked for you lately? Share with us in the comments below.


  1. Steevane

    This is really helpful! Im actually really trying my best to improve on more consistent patterns for my content. Hopefully, it plays out well. Thank you Plaqad

    • Plaqad

      Hello Steevane!!

      I’m happy we could be of help to you also, good luck in your quest to be consistent we know you have it in you.

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