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The All-inclusive Space That is Premium Times

Premium Times is a Nigerian Media organization and online newspaper which was founded in 2011 under the Premium Times Services limited. 


The News organization which also owns a print media under the same name strongly believes in embracing the challenge that is the progress and substantial development of the Nigeria media.

The company also aims to advocate and nudge the general Nigerian media towards an educational revolution, and cultural rebirth. 


Although best known for News, the online platform has made itself a diverse space for various other categories like business, agriculture, health, sports, art/life, etc and even though these categories are independently successfully, it is the beauty at which they all complement each other that make Nigerian News platform, the Premium Times the success it is.


The top Nigerian Newspaper which has undoubtedly raised the bar for other publishing houses has won numerous awards some of which include the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism, the 2017 Global Shining Light Award for journalism, and many others.         


With Alexa ranking The Premium Times the 36th website in Nigeria, alongside the fact that each visitor spends at least 3 minutes thirty-six seconds on the site, it would be any business owner’s dreams to have their brands on such a platform.


And as a diverse organization that it is, It doesn’t matter whether you’re into agriculture? Or Art? Or business? Or even entertainment? Premium Times has, through Plaqad Marketplace, made it possible for just any business owner to get their stories featured on the news site.


To do this, click here.


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