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Plaqad Launches First Ever Report on Influencer Compensation In Nigeria


Following the close of the Social Media Week Lagos last Friday, leading content placement and influencer marketing platform, Plaqad has revealed interesting facts about influencer compensation in Nigeria. The company did this via its recently released Influencer Compensation Report; a first of its kind in Nigeria.


Among other findings, the twelve-page document reported that 92 percent of influencers wish to be remunerated for campaigns embarked on and 8 percent confirmed not minding offering their services pro bono.


Further dissection revealed that a large percentage of influencers prefer to be paid in cash and in time too as against a tiny amount who do not mind being compensated with products and services in exchange for their services. The sensitive issue of whether influencers work with brands they already patronize was also touched on revealing that only 18 percent believe in this philosophy why 82 percent do not mind working with any brand.


The company’s CEO, Gbenga Sogbaike disclosed that a report of such nature has become very important seeing how big social media has grown in Nigeria. He disclosed further that with such growth comes a need to understand and perhaps standardize the payment and other structure to ensure a win-win for both brands and influencers.


“Data is very important in understanding every industry. Hence we have gone through the rigour of compiling the first influencer compensation report in Nigeria to help industry stakeholders and the general public make sense of how payment and compensation works in the influencer marketing industry.”


“We surveyed over 1000 social media influencers to ensure that we effectively capture the essence of this report and we are confident this report will offer great value to industry practitioners including Agency CEOs, Business Owners, Brand Managers, Researchers, Influencers and everyone looking to understand the all-important concept of compensation in the influencer marketing space.” He added.


Plaqad is a marketing and public relations technology company providing AI-driven influencer marketing, paid media distribution, content creation, and media intelligence services to brands worldwide.


Its online platform, Plaqad.com, is a community-led content creation, influencer marketing and content trading platform connecting brands and individuals with top African content creators, publishers and influencers in different niches including fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, education, politics, finance etc.


Plaqad focuses on providing AI driven influencer marketing, paid media distribution, content creation and media intelligence services to brands worldwide.


To download the report, visit: http://bit.ly/ICRNigeria2019


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