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Plaqad Joins the #STOPTHEVIOLENCE Campaign against by South African Celebrities


When Asa sang “Fire On The Mountain” we all sang along.


We praised her for musical genius & her song writing skills, we praised the message but when the next “gbedu” dropped, we pushed the message aside and stuffed it in our pockets.


It’s been 12 years since the release of the musical masterpiece but the central message remains relevant.


“I wake up in the morning
Tell you what I see on my TV screen
I see the blood of an innocent child,
And everybody’s watching.”


Unless you’ve been void of TV and social media, for almost a week now, there’s a Nigerian dying every minute; a different week a different killer and this time it’s Xenophobia’s turn.


Numerous Nigerians and other African have in previous and recent times been targeted, harassed and killed by Xenophobic personalles in South Africa.


What did they say to make you so blind,
To your conscience and reason?
Could it be love for your country,
Or for the gun you use in killing?

Our brothers and sisters are dying and although we can’t all be superman in cape to save the day, we can make a stand to say #notoviolence.


We at Plaqad would love if you can take your stand by sharing this video embed below,


Thank you and remember to take a stand to #Stoptheviolence.



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