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“Nigeria’s Most Respected Newspaper”: The Guardian


Veteran independent daily newspaper, ‘The Guardian’ is a Nigerian newspaper with the aim of promoting Nigeria’s best interests by being the go-to source for events coverage and entertainment in Nigeria.   


The newspaper was first published on 22 February 1983 by renowned Nigerian businessman and entrepreneur; Alex Ibru. The paper was initially a weekly publication up until the 4th of July 1983 when it became a daily publication.


The versatile brand has not limited itself to print alone as it has an online platform of the same name where they release content on politics, business, technology, etc.


The newspaper also releases numerous articles on health, food, beauty, culture, style, film, etc under the Guardian Life subcategory. 


The liberal paper which claims to be independent of any ethnic group, religion or political party is said to have its target audience filled with mainly Nigeria’s most educated men and women included.


With almost 10,000+ daily readers and each online reader spending an average of 4 Minutes 15 Seconds per day.


As a business owner getting your business featured on the Guardian, either as a Headline Story or as a featured story would be simply be placing your business and its content right in front of your target audience.

So it’s a good thing the Nigerian based paper is a certified Plaqad Publisher. To get your business featured on the Guardian’s print or online platform, click here.



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