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Celebrating the Launch of Plaqad

What is Plaqad?

Plaqad is a social network dedicated to connecting brands and individuals with bloggers, news websites, publishers and social influencers (micro-bloggers).

The platform allows users organize or participate in convenient, seamless content trading and stress-free publicity placements on listed blogs and websites, as well social media channels around the world.

Plaqad is designed for individuals and organisations that want to get word out about their products, services and ideas on relevant digital platforms with the highest levels of audience engagement and traffic.

Why Plaqad?

We believe that brands (large corporates, SMEs and individuals) should get the best out of what’s happening online without going through the horrors of chasing the top publishers, and the long waiting period that usually follows the initial call.

With Plaqad, you don’t even have to pick up your phone before getting your stories out.

We also believe that website owners and micro-bloggers need to focus more on core competences of creating great content, rather than spending valuable time on sales, marketing and non-editorial activities in a bid to make enough money to keep their platforms running.

With Plaqad, we’re connecting both parties in a mutually beneficial way that’s never been done before, by building a partnership that ensures audiences get great, amazing content anywhere they turn, brands and individuals get their content when and where they want, while getting remarkable results from great storytelling.

As we launch today and the days go by, our team at Plaqad will continually improve the platform’s technology, offerings and services to keep everyone satisfied and deliver on our promise of ease, convenience and value addition.

We are truly excited to start this journey with you.

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