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It’s not Tech Heaven if it isn’t TechPoint

Starting a business has never been easy, getting people to notice you and your brand is hard and quite frankly, frustrating. Due to this reason, the Nigerian media outlet, Techpoint, was created.


Techpoint.africa is a media platform which has dedicated itself to “startups, entrepreneurship, innovation, etc.” in the Nigerian Technology Industry & Africa as a whole. 


The news publishing platform believes “there is an opportunity for technology to penetrate the fabric of society” and have worked tirelessly to prove that point.


The Tech blog was founded by Adewale Yusuf a visual storyteller with a strong interest in technology and humanity ecosystem. The journey for Techpoint began in 2014 when Adewale Yusuf resigned from Otekbits a Tech based blog. 


The media platform has since then successfully achieved its goal of promoting African entrepreneurs and their respective stories from a relatable standpoint. 

Being a Plaqad publisher, the technology outlet continually pushes African startups especially (but not exclusive to) tech-related businesses. To get published or featured on Techpoint as a business owner or a brand via Plaqad’s marketplace, click here.

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