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Instagram Rolls Out A New Profile Design

Did you recently wake up to a totally different Instagram app as we did?

If yes, it means you are one of the first few Instagram users selected to test the new version of
the app.

Not too long ago, Instagram announced that it would be updating its platform to make profiles
easier and cleaner to use.

The new Instagram profile page features:
– A rearranged profile view
– Improved icon and button designs
– Better page navigation
– Profile image shifted to the right
– A ‘mutual’ followers tab (like a mutual connection)
– Reduced emphasis on the numbers of followers and following.

In addition to these, business accounts now have more click links as seen in the image above. There is now a ‘Message’, ‘Call’, ‘Email’, ‘Directions’, and ‘ Start Order’  button on the profile page.

Also, a ‘Shop’ page has been introduced, giving marketers on the platform the ability to connect better with buyers and display their products.

The test version is already running and selected users are experiencing some of the new features in a variety of ways. Based on their experience and feedback, the company will then decide the eventual features to be released in the new version of the app.

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