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Influencer Marketing VS Celebrity Marketing; Which Should A Brand Go With

With the rise of influencer marketing, it almost seems like celebrity endorsements are phasing out. However, if you look closely, you will find celebrities like Wizkid, Davido, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Tiwa Savage, Omoni Oboli, Funke Akindele as well as other stars snagging one deal or the other. It is even easier for celebrities to thrive as the influencers are closely ranking up in fees compared to costs for celebrity endorsements.

Even though it seems like influencers are beginning to take the places of celebrities in marketing, the key to succeeding in brand marketing strategies is knowing which ones to use or finding personalities who double as both. It is also of crucial importance to set the goal that the campaigns wish to undertake which will subsequently define the kind of brand personality the company needs for their strategy. It is essential to have this in mind in order to make sure the company is making the right choice.

First of all, how is an influencer different from a celebrity?

An influencer is a personality that has risen to relevance by leveraging a digital audience usually emanating through a medium such as a blog, social media networks or YouTube.

A celebrity is usually a personality recognized for talent beyond the digital world such as film, TV, sports, comedy and other sectors. They also have inherent value beyond promoting a certain product or brand.


Increased Media Coverage

If the brand wishes to storm the space and make a statement, a celebrity media favourite is definitely a great way to succeed. After all, paparazzi and the media don’t exactly swarm all over influencers yet. If you want to be the toast of the media, a celebrity will do the trick.

A Good Brand Image

If you wish to venture into an industry with a credible and good looking brand image, choosing a celebrity that depicts that picture will work well. Associating with the right celebrity can upgrade the image of any brand because people will believe the brand must be sensible if that celebrity identifies with it.

Pulling The Populace

Even though Influencers can definitely pull in enough numbers even at their first gig, a celebrity will not just pull in more but also a dedicated number of new fans for the brand in reality.

Stick To Brand Message

Most celebrity skills are usually more skilled and groomed at delivering lines so they are likely to present the brand’s message better as opposed to an influencer who is likely quite impromptu. Given their experience, they are also versed in striking the right pose to get the media talking while still ensuring brand awareness at the same time.


Capture a Niche

These days, there are influencers for every niche or demographic you can think of. Music, gossip, sports, business, video games, makeup, any kind at all. If the campaign you wish to undertake aims to target a niche, an influencer is likely to get the job done. Their followers will a jackpot for acquiring new customers and attracting more people to the brand.

Increased Engagement

In a world that gets more digital every day, brands will need influencers who can rack up more engagement than celebrities in the digital world than influencers. It is easier for the populace to relate with Influencers because most times, they don’t get responses from their favourite celebrities which is quite different in the case of influencers (except those who haven’t understood the power behind that) thereby giving influencers the chance to reach more people.

This reason is also why micro influencers seem to reach more people. However, they’re better for a brand ambassador campaign where reach is to be achieved collectively. Doing due diligence to get the right influencer for your niche is important when it comes to influencer marketing.

Sales Boost

According to research by Olapic’s Psychology of Following, 31 per cent of consumers in the US have bought products based on an influencer’s social media post. People no longer just buy products simply because they see their favourites associated with the brand. Celebrities still influence consumer decisions but not as much as before because they know celebrities are paid good money to sing the brand’s praises. In this regard, they’re more likely to trust an influencer they can relate with.

More Effort and Time to Achieve Goals

Influencers tend to have more free time than celebrities to put in more work and effort. Most celebrities can have sudden engagements pop up suddenly and end up shelving other gigs but this hardly happens with influencers. If you need someone who is more flexible and will give quality time to your event, an influencer is the right choice as celebrities can be unpredictable.

When it comes to choosing your next brand spokesperson, celebrities and influencers both have their highs and lows but when you determine which is best for your brand, then the real task begins.

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