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How To Create An Influencer Rate Card That Lands You More Brand Gigs

One of the interesting things about being a social media influencer is the ability to create and sustain conversations online that lead people to carry out actions. This could be to buy a product, download an app, share opinions online, sign up to a platform or a service, among others.


In today’s digital world, brands continue to seek new ways to communicate with their audience, especially through strategies, tactics, and channels that are relatable and humanized. Collaborating with social media influencers is a major way brands have been able to achieve this.


As a social media influencer, leaving your clients with the right impression about your service is important and preparing for business opportunities is vital. And one factor that can hinder you from landing that major gig might just be the absence of a rate card.


What is a rate card and why do you need one?


The rate card tells potential clients who you are, your active social media platforms, the services you offer and how much you charge for those services.


A rate card also positions you as a professional brand to potential and existing clients and plays a major role in determining how much you get paid for the service(s) you offer.


This year we want you to seize every opportunity that comes your way. This is why we have put together a template to help you create a rate card, build your brand and land more gigs.


Click here to download the template now.

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