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How To Become A Great Content Creator

A lot of businesses use content to drive their marketing. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute says the 91% of B2B organisations use content marketing. Considering the total number of enterprise businesses, that’s a whole of content being created.

However, not all content created are great. So the questions then become, how do I stand out in a sea of content creators? How does my content resonate with my audience such that they don’t forget it easily?

Let’s answer those questions, shall we?

  • Stay updated about your industry: Creating great content that your audience can relate to requires that you have finger at the pulse of your industry. Most great content creators search thoroughly for daily updates about their industry.

Also find out where your potential customers are – what blogs they read, what Youtube channels they watch and what podcasts they listen to and stay tuned to them.

  • Create content regularly: You’ve probably heard the saying before that if you don’t use, you’ll lose it. Same applies to content creation. Create content as regularly as you can.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It could be something small, insignificant even but create something. Try different things, ask questions, observe stuff to keep your creative juices flowing.

  • Know thy audience: Knowing that everything we do is mostly subject to your audience’s approval can be such a pain and we get it. However, they are the ones who pay the bills – directly or indirectly.

What do they like? What can you give to them? What problems do they have? How can you solve it? Where do they live? What is their age range? What kind of jobs do they do? What are their roles? You need to really know your audience.

  • Establish your own voice: Guess what? You are not the only one creating content so you have to be unique, be different. People may love the insights but they mostly come back for the personality.

Offer a fresh insight, share an analogy, add a personal story and above all, diversify into different content media – writing text today, try a video tomorrow, a podcast the next.

  • Curate smartly: A lot of people curate content these days so you need to do so smartly. Offer a different perspective into that content that you are curating. Make sure you are not regurgitating what the previous person said.
  • Offer solutions, not just commentary: There is a good chance that you already know your stuff when you start out as a content creator but don’t just about talk about what you know.

Let people see the value in your knowledge. Explain why that knowledge is important and let them take away something new from your content. Expertise is not everything.

Bonus: Being curious is an asset when creating content, you can question both old and new knowledge thereby deriving new insight from it. Above all, be your greatest critic.

We hope you have picked up a thing or two in this article. You can sign up as a content creator on Plaqad today and get the opportunity to create content for some of Nigeria’s biggest brands.

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