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Branding & Marketing Has Become Even Easier With BrandCrunch


Branding & Marketing are two things that go hand in hand when it comes to Nigerian Marketing and News platform, The Brand Crunch.  


An outlet which has termed itself a ‘revolution’, BrunchCrunch specializes mainly in recording and analyzing activities surrounding brands, marketing communications, news, etc in the marketing industry. 


The solely web-based platform prides itself in providing Nigerians with up-to-date news, featured articles, and recent happenings in the industry.


The site which finds its origins in Nigeria aims to be the yardstick by which foreign and local investors make their decisions when building next generation/level marketing businesses and brands. 


An award-winning blog, Brand Crunch not only focuses on writing specific blog posts related to brands and marketing but also gives analysis and opinions on new and upcoming businesses. 


They also offer advice on service providers in the marketing communications sector.


Being a Plaqad publisher, Brandcrunch has made it easier for businesses to tell their stories on their website. 

Click here to get your brand published on BrandCrunch.


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