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All You Need to Know About the Plaqad Campus Ambassador Program


Congratulations again for joining the Plaqad CAP tribe! 


We know you have tons of questions on your mind, so here’s what we have done:


We have compiled a list of possible questions you may have about the Plaqad CAP and taken time to provide answers just for you. 


What is Plaqad Campus Ambassador Program?

The Plaqad Campus Ambassador Program is a community of young digitally savvy students in all universities and polytechnics in Africa. With this community, Plaqad.com will be empowering these young digital natives while helping organizations better connect with their target young audience through them.


How do I become a Plaqad Campus Ambassador?

Joining the Plaqad CAP community is totally free! All you have to do is register on www.plaqad.com/cap. Once this is done, a confirmation email will be sent to you.


What’s the difference between a Plaqad Campus Ambassador and a Regular Social Media Influencer?

A Plaqad Campus Ambassador is a current student in any university or polytechnic in Africa. That’s pretty much the difference. 


What’s YIP, TIP, IIP?

YIP (YouTube Influencer Programme) is Plaqad’s community of content creators and influencers on YouTube. 


Plaqad TIP (Twitter Influencer Programme) is Plaqad’s community of content creators and influencers on Twitter.


Plaqad IIP (Instagram Influencer Programme) is Plaqad’s community of content creators and influencers on Instagram. 


What’s CCP?

CCP is Plaqad’s community of content creators including writers, photographers, graphic designers and content creators across Africa.


What’s PP?

PP (Publishers Programme) is Plaqad’s community of publishers, website owners and bloggers across leading platforms in Africa.


Is this opportunity only open to influencers? 

This opportunity is open to all active social media users who are current students of a higher institution in Africa.


So now I have registered, what’s next?

We have quite a lot in stock for you and will share regular updates via email as we progress. Watch out for our campus events and meets -ups, online events, contests, campaigns and more. Also ensure you keep growing you social media accounts (followers, engagement, content etc.). We will also share regular helpful social media tips with you.


Is the Plaqad CAP a paid job or fulltime employment?

No, Plaqad CAP is not a fulltime job. It is a community of young, vibrant and smart students. You make money by working on the suitable campaigns you work on. 


How do I make money as a Plaqad Campus Ambassador?

As a Plaqad Campus Ambassador, you make money based on the projects you work on. Plaqad will assign you to a campaign based on your suitability for the brand for instance, the niche, your engagement rate, the specific deliverables on the campaign etc. 


How much can I earn as a Plaqad Campus Ambassador?

As a Plaqad Campus Ambassador, you can make up to N150,000 or even more every month. This is based on the number of campaign projects you work on.


What is required of you as a Plaqad CAP member?

Stay active on social media, keep growing your social media pages, invite other people to join, implement the tips we share with you and deliver on every campaign project we assign to you.


What other benefits do I get as a member of the community?

  • Development of Intellectual, leadership and creative skills through periodic training
  • A chance to receive an exclusive Plaqad giift pack including Plaqad branded hoodie, writing pads, pop socket, mug, etc.
  • Networking and collaboration with other ambassadors from campuses across Nigeria
  • Career advisory, mentorship and interaction with managers in Plaqad
  • Free tickets to Plaqad and partner brand events
  • Awards


Can students from my school apply to join the Plaqad CAP community?

Plaqad Campus Ambassador Program is open to all universities and higher institutions in Africa. If you currently attend a university/polytechnic in Africa, you are welcome to join the tribe. 


Have more questions? Please send an email to [email protected] or just slide into our DM on Instagram or Twitter.


  1. Adah Favour Chidimma

    Nice…I must first of all commend the s such a creative scheme and I’ll count it a privilege to be a part of it. I hope to hear from you soon.Thanks

  2. Chile fortune

    Hi…..I registered a few weeks ago…Ave not gotten a confirmation yet…. kindly confirm me as a member

  3. Achiever

    How will I start my work

  4. Richard Williams (Richie)

    I’ve received& gone your congratulatory mail/msg thanks
    I’m ready for all that needs to be done as a plaqad ambassador from Rivers State University .
    Awaits further directions/engagements

  5. Grey

    What do we do next?

  6. Regal

    How can I get verified?

  7. Julietmadu

    Thanks am interested in joining plaqad

  8. Nnamekwe Godwin ifechukwu

    I don’t have IG and Twitter account how will I go about it?

  9. Anakor Stephanie

    Very nyc I’m interested

  10. Ikpana offiong

    I love this platform cause it will really help to enlighten me more about the world

  11. MUBARAK salisu

    Am very happy with this important and huge effort to support the interligency of our dear students which will really helps in the development of various campuses
    I remain thankful and supportive

  12. Bonojo Adedayo

    Thank you for the information, I can’t wait to get started

  13. Ipadeola

    I will like to be an ambassador of your brand in my school, The polytechnic, Ibadan

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