a.) Introducing Plaqad

Plaqad is a social network connecting brands and individuals to bloggers, news websites, publishers and social influencers (micro-bloggers).

Plaqad allows users organize or participate in content trading and publicity placement on listed blogs, websites, and social media services around the world.

It is designed for individuals and organisations that want to get word out about their products, services and ideas, and for publishers or platform owners who want to earn revenue.


b.) Why Plaqad?

Brands (large corporates, SMEs and individuals) want to get the best out of what’s happening online. And they deserve to.

Publishers want to make enough money to keep their platforms running. They also want great content that’ll keep their audience hooked.

Plaqad is connecting both parties in a way that’s never been done before, by building a partnership that ensures audiences get great, amazing content anywhere they turn, brands and individuals put out their content when and where they want, while getting remarkable results from great storytelling.

Also, bloggers and publishers cut down on how much sales, marketing and non-editorial work they have to do, while earning more money than ever before.


c.) How It Works

We collate Plaqs from users and distribute to publisher partners. Using our website, users are able to upload briefs and content, while publishers and influencers get notified real time, with the ability to accept and process such requests.

PR agencies, media buying agencies, digital agencies, advertising agencies, freelancers, SMEs, individuals and professionals who want to display content on websites and blogs are qualified to use Plaqad after a one-step registration process.

Publishing platforms are screened based on the Plaqad Global Standards Test, a set of conditions and minimum requirements that must be satisfied before getting listed. Only those who succeed will be eligible to join plaqad.

Content formats eligible for publishing include: news stories, interviews, live blogging, brand releases, blog posts, features, videos, photos, memes, listicles, op-eds, etc.