Introducing Plaqad

Plaqad connects brands and individuals to bloggers, news websites, publishers and social influencers (micro-bloggers).

Plaqad allows users participate in content trading and publicity placement on listed blogs and websites, and social media services around the world.

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Why Plaqad?

Brands (large corporates, SMEs and individuals) want to get the best out of what's happening online. And they deserve to.

Bloggers and social media influencers want to make enough money to keep their platforms running. They also want great content that'll keep their audience hooked.

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How Plaqad Works

'Plaqs' are collated from users and distributed to publisher partners. Plaqad users are able to upload PR briefs and content, while publishers and influencers get notified real time, with the ability to accept and process such requests.

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Plaqad for Users

- Lets you post directly on the best blogs and websites around 

- Cuts off all middlemen and the need to pick up the phone

- Provides helpful tools and support to guide content strategy

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Plaqad for Publishers

- Helps you source for and monetize content

- Connects you with brands and agencies

- Adds value to sales activities with minimal effort

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Pricing & Billing

Publishers are classified based on five (5) categories:

Classification is based on quality of placement, estimated reach, strength of distribution, content exposure, audience engagement level and extra value added.

Listed Publishers