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5 Ways to Overcome A Creative Block

As a creative, producing engaging, captivating, and entertaining content is very important. However, being consistent with your content can be quite challenging especially when you run out of ideas or seem to lack the inspiration to create new ones. This is called a creative block and can last for days, weeks, months or even up to a year if nothing is done about it.


Do you consistently produce content but find yourself stuck? We know that encountering the monster called ‘The Creative Block’ can be very frustrating. But hey, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We have put together these five tips to keep you refreshed and ready to set the ball rolling again.


Be proactive! Always have a book or a journal where you write down creative ideas as they come to you. This way you are able to create a bank of ideas that you can always pull from in the future.


Break the norm, do something new. Routines have a way of keeping us in a cage. Breaking out of this cage could mean taking a break from your regular activities, introducing something new to your routine, or becoming spontaneous.  


Go back in time. Looking back at projects you handled in the past and how you were able to come up with ideas, the progress of the projects, and their results can help spark up new ideas.


Save moments! Taking pictures, making videos, or jotting down day-to-day events that inspire you can help you draw inspirational contents from life.

Sleep on it! Rome was not built in a day, neither do you have to think and create in a day. If you try all you can and nothing seems to work, just sleep on it. Wake up the next day and start again with a refreshed mind.

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