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5 Things You Probably Should Know About OloriSuperGal

Blogging in Nigeria now is almost easy. You need a laptop, internet access and an account with blogger or WordPress.  But it wasn’t always like that for media entrepreneur and blogger Tosin Ajibade when she opened her entertainment news, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog ‘OloriSuperGal’.

With such a fast-rising blog, it is understandable to be curious. Curious on Who OloriSuperGal is, curious about what she does, how she does it, where she does it, who she does it for, etc. 

Take a deep breath curious one, cause I’m about to take you on a factual journey about the ever successful entertainment blog.


Olorisupergal is a Nigerian Lifestyle, Entertainment, Fashion, and News blog with the aim of providing Nigerians with all the breaking, latest, and juicy news they need to know.

The website/blog which aims to engage most (if possible all) Nigerians in both national trending news and international trending news has 3 segments for events, interviews, and rants, in addition to that, the blog also renders PR services.


Before there was OloriSuperGal there was Tosin Ajigbade.

Tosin Ajigbade is a Nigerian media entrepreneur and entertainment news blogger who found her start as a publisher in 2009. She later moved on to working for Public Relations Agency ‘Black House Media’ as a web manager before eventually resigning to focus on her blog.


Behind every successful business, blog, or brand is a not so successful beginning and for Nigerian lifestyle blog OloriSuperGal, that beginning happened to occur on the 8th of February 2010.

The current dot com site was initially a dot Blogspot site with the domain http://olorisupergal.blogspot.com/, a domain she used up until the 26th of October 2012.


It’s one thing to talk and it’s another thing to be heard. For the Fashion & Entertainment blog, being heard is not a problem as the website as being cited by many to be one of the top blogs/websites in Nigeria.

And over the years, they have unfailingly delivered news, entertainment, interviews and so much more to visitors and readers from Africa and beyond. 

According to Alexa, OloriSuperGal has a unique visitor count of about 247K per day with each visitor spending more than 3 minutes per visit.


If there’s anything you should know about Olorisupergal is that; with them, you can be heard. Your brand, your business, you yourself can be out there to the public via the Nigerian Site.

Being a plaqad publisher themselves, the entertainment blog prides itself in being a safe haven for any & everyone to “live their fabulous and trending life” as Olorisupergal believes “Everybody is worth talking about”.

Every brand, every message, every business is what talking about.

Do you believe you have something (a message or brand) worth talking about? If you want to get people talking about you and your brand, get your message on Olorisupergal by clicking here

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