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5 Parent Bloggers/Influencer “Doing the Most” in Nigeria


Being a parent isn’t easy. There is almost no space for trial & error and everyone expects you to get it right all the time – Everyone except these bloggers and influencers.


These people not only understand but have lived and are currently surviving the challenges of parenthood. And it’s because of this reason, that these bloggers and influencers have decided to make giving parents various tips, advice and cheat codes their niche of influence.


Here are 5 Parent Bloggers/Influencers “Doing the Most” in Nigeria.

5. Yetty Williams – Lagos Mums

Parent Blogger

Being one of the pioneers of Parent blogging in Nigeria is what landed Yetty Williams, Founder of, Lagos Mums, a spot on this list. Her website, LagosMums is dedicated to educating and advising parents through their parenting journey. 

The 2015 winner of the Social Media/Online Editor award who believes “raising a child takes a village” or in this case, an e-village has a following of over 40,000 and has taken the position of an e-mum to every single one of those followers.

4. Temilola “Taymi” Akinmuda – First Time Mom

Best known as Taymi from cool FM, creator of web series “Skinny Girl in Transit” is also making waves of her own kind in the blogging scene.


Her blog FTMbaby mirrors her humorous and lively personality as she shares her experience as a first-time mom in hopes of helping other moms new to the scene, just like her.


Unlike the norm in parent blogging, Taymi abstains from giving specific parenting rules as she is of the school of thoughts that “motherhood is doing what you feel is best for your child” and according to her, “there are no rules because every child is different”. 

3. Tomilola Olatunde – The Cuddle Blog

Parent Blogger

TheCuddleBlog by Tomilola is a safe haven for stay-at-home moms (SAHM) like Tomi herself. She strives to not only help remove the modern shame attached to being a SAHM but to also aid other SAHMs through their journey of; pregnancy & parenting for both first time and experienced mothers. 

The woman whose keywords are “bringing the beauty out of the chaos of motherhood” does just that as she shares her journey both rough and smooth to educate and entertain her readers.

2. Anike Lawal – Mamalette

After finding almost nothing to help her during her pregnancy, Anike Lawal of Mamalette decided her experience would never again be repeated by new mothers whoever they may be. 

Mamalettle is not just a blog, but also a community for pregnant and nursing mothers, providing them with the resources, information and every other thing needed to pass through the long night of pregnancy and parenthood.

1. Detola Amure – Super Working Mom

Parent Blogger

Motherhood can be overwhelming, especially as a working mum and because of this, Detola Amure has dedicated her blog SuperWorkingMum to teaching busy moms the best way to prioritize their time to fit not just their kids but also their busy work schedule and alone time.

The productivity mentor who has a book and an academy (of the same name), also hosts three retreats yearly for women who are either struggling with being working mothers or suffering from postpartum depression or even both. 

After suffering from both herself, this mommy blogger is here to help others overcome. 


Honorable Mentions

  1. Yemisi Ayedun – SisiYemmie 

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