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5 Inspiring Things About Tosyn Bucknor


We lost an amazing personality this week.

Tosyn Abisona Bucknor, a leading member of our IIP community and a delightful soul and beautiful human in every measure passed on.

Tosyn lived a cheerful life and will be remembered for her radiant and energetic personality.

To celebrate here remarkable life, here are five inspiring things you probably didn’t know about her.


Tosyn’s Inspiring Talk at TEDx Ife 2012

Though a graduate of Unilag and a proud alumna of the school, Tosyn made a lasting impression when she graced the stage of the 2012 edition of TEDx in OAU, Ife.

The TEDxIfe talk which is one of the most watched locally-hosted TEDx event in Nigeria, had Tosyn begin her speech by addressing herself as the shortest speaker of the day.

The witty remark immediately endeared her to the crowd and in typical Tosyn Bucknor fashion, she followed up with an inspiring speech on why it is important to chase all your dreams, numerous as they may be.

This speech was made in 2012, but the subject matter is just as relevant now as it was 6 years ago.


Activist and a Known Advocate For Sickle Cell Awareness

Tosyn lived with the condition from birth and even admitted to worrying that she wouldn’t live very long. This however spurred her on to live life to the fullest. Tosyn was a dream chaser who never shied away from expressing her creativity in various ways.

She also used her position, platform, and influence to raise awareness for sickle cell and became one of the most popular personalities who openly admitted to living with the condition. Her drive and tenacity, in spite of her condition, inspired many who also lived with the disease, to also chase their dreams regardless.

In light of this, Tosyn founded the These Genes, a sickle cell project to raise awareness of the disorder, and advocate for its carriers. She was also a strong believer of youth development, supporting projects like Rise Nigeria and The Future Nigeria.


Jack of All Trades, Master of All

Tosyn Bucknor was a known believer of “Jack of trade, master of all”, and this was a philosophy she lived by.

A graduate of Law from the University of Lagos, she attended the Nigerian Law School Lagos. However, Tosyn was never one to keep herself in a box and she started her broadcasting career at Eko FM, shortly after she interned at Cool FM.

She was popularly known for her morning drive show “Area” on Top Radio before moving to Inspiration FM were she remained till her demise.

Her talents also saw her write for some of the biggest TV shows in Nigeria including, My Mum and I, About to Wed, Nigeria’s Got Talent and a host of others.

Tosyn also had a brief stint as a recording and performing artist, making her one of the most well-rounded entertainers of our era.


A Radio Icon

Tosyn Bucknor was the first female to handle the morning belt on a radio station all by herself. She was one of the most respected women in radio broadcasting and was most popularly known for her show on Top Radio, the show that gave her the nickname “Area Mama”.

Tosyn Bucknor paved the way for other young women in radio broadcasting and she was without a doubt one of the most well known on air personalities in the country.


Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

For someone who was a known Fashion icon, Tosyn was a firm advocate of the saying – “Never fully dressed without a smile”. You would almost never catch Tosyn without a smile as she would always radiate joy and happiness.

One of the most important things people remember about Tosyn is how she was a beacon of joy and a delightful human. This is even more impressive considering she lived with the sickle cell condition. Tosyn would always be the first to crack a joke, make others laugh and put a smile on the faces of others. It is impossible to spend a moment with Tosin and not smile. Yes, she’s that amazing.

Tosyn Bucknor was a lot of things: an amazing radio presenter, a great writer, fantastic singer, songwriter, TV host, lawyer, activist and many more. She lived her life to the fullest and her legacy will live on years after she’s gone.

Rest In Peace, Area Mama, you’ll always be in our hearts.

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