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4 Rookie Mistakes Ruining Your Reputation as An Influencer

We all make mistakes, it’s just one of those things in life that try as you may, are simply unavoidable. Influencer


To some people, they are the acts or judgments that were misguided or outrightly wrong, while to others they are acts that although unintentional play a key role in making or marring just about anybody. 


You know what am talking about, they are about a thousand and one quotes, and motivational speeches about why and how mistakes are not the end of your world which is true but just like everything else, mistakes have consequences.


As an Influencer, there are mistakes which at first, are just that – Mistakes. But over time, these mistakes build up and could cost you as an influencer, one of the most important things in your line of work –  your reputation.


These mistakes although could easily be avoided, are very easy to overlook. In fact, you could be making a ton of such mistakes right now and not notice how much it affects people’s perception of you as an influencer.


So what are these mistakes exactly?

The ‘Yes’ Syndrome Influencer

Everything you’re given, you say yes to. It doesn’t matter the brand or the campaign, you just say YES.

As an Influencer, it is important that you research the brand or product/service you want to promote. The way influencer marketing works; you are basically staking your reputation for that brand or product. As such, it is important that you know who you’re in bed with.

Ask yourself, “Does this brand value align with my personal value?” Will this product benefit my audience? Do I want to be associated with this brand?” etc. The answers to these questions and more will help you filter the campaigns you work on and keep your reputation in place.

Slow down, don’t lose the wheel 

Another mistake Influencers make is losing sight of what made them influencers in the first place. Was it your wits? Your sense of humor? Your Fashion sense? Your authenticity or uniqueness?

Whatever it was that got people interested in your content in the first place, don’t chuck it to the side. Because it got people talking about you, chances are that it would keep you out of their minds if you stopped.

Brand over ‘Them’ 

As an Influencer, your audience trusts you. They trust your recommendations, and they trust the information you provide to them.

But when you start to prioritize brands over your audience and force-feed them information and content that either is unwanted by them or in any way harmful to them, they would eventually walk away.

And I correct me if I am wrong, but no audience means no brands and no brands means no campaigns and with no campaigns…let’s face it, you’re just going to be a broke influencer.

Me, Myself and I 

Have you ever heard the saying ‘No man is an Island’? Well, you are a man (or woman). . One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an Influencer is refusing or avoiding collaborations.

Trust me, I understand – group projects can be stressful. But let me let you in on a little secret; collaborating with others will not only collectively grow your brand, but also help you form a deeper relationship with other influencers, and that comes with some benefits.

So there you have it; the four rookie mistakes you must avoid to keep your reputation intact.

We want to know; which of these mistakes have you made in the past and how did you pull through? Tell us in the comments below.

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